Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Accounting Information Systems (12th Edition)

For a book on Information Systems, I would accept accepted the examples on accounting functions to be added abreast with accepted business practices rather than the ancient processes that were included.
Unfortunately, my adviser accomplished "by the book" and I was affected to relearn all the old means of accomplishing things such as abnegating application a lockbox for accepting banknote and accepting two humans in the mail allowance accessible the checks and manually address a drop slip. Who has time for that?
Have the authors of this book not heard of action improvement, automation, Six Sigma? Trust me, the companies out there absolutely accept and that's what employees' success is advised against.
Teaching academy acceptance who accept never formed in an Accounting Dept a action that hasn't been acclimated in years is accomplishing them a disservice. The Universities should apprehend accepted adaptation textbooks to in fact be adapted with accepted business practices and again advise accepted business practices. Challenge themselves to in fact aftermath graduates who will not feel abaft the ambit if they're out searching for a job up adjoin those who accept plan experience. Put them advanced of the ambit by teaching them Best Practice for their field. What a concept. It starts with absolutely abreast textbooks.

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  1. How can i download the pdf version of this book..please reply asap...